Shanghai Harun Thermal Equipment Co. Ltd.

Founded in the year 2004, Jinshan province of Shanghai, P.R.C. We are professional manufacturer of single row oval/flat finned tubes/ elliptical finned tube bundles for Air Cooled Steam Condenser application. We have advanced production equipment and processing technology, strong technical force, product performance and product quality in the same industry in a leading position. We produce customize finned tubes /tube bundles based upon the specification given by client.

Our Single Row Flat/Oval Tube/Elliptical Tubes are widely used in refineries, petrochemical and by manufacturers of Air Cooled Condensers & Heat Exchangers. Our products have been supplied to various bigger power plants in China, and to various ACC/ ACHE manufacturers like GEA, HTAC, and Dongrun etc. Our tube bundles have been exported to India, South Korea, Japan, Middle East and other Southeast nations. We are focussed for continuous improvement in our quality and service in order to meet customer’s satisfaction.

We understand the difference of “satisfied and loyal customers” …..

Our Product Range

Single Row Flat Finned Tube

The current state-of-the-art is using a single row flat finned tube bundles tubes with strongly elongated tube cross section.



Elliptical Finned Tubes

Elliptical Finned tubes are considered as alternatives to conventional circular tubes in finned tube heat exchanger because of their better air flow characteristics.



Our Clients

  • Japan Mitsubishi
  • Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co. Ltd.
  • GEA, Shanghai
  • Tongliao Huolin River Hang Hing Power Generation Co., 2 X 600 MW AC.C.
  • Shaanxi Pucheng,
    2 X 600 MW Power Plant
  • Inner Mongolia Power Plant,
    2 X 600 MW Power Plant
  • Ningxia Lingwu,
    2 X 600 MW Power Plant
  • Shaanxi Huadian,
    2 X 600 MW Power Plant
  • Sabah, Malayasia,
    190 MW Power Plants
  • China Power Investment Ningxia Ling River Power Station
  • Shaanxi Dongling Smelting Co. Ltd.,
    25 MW Power Plant
  • Huo coal Hongjun aluminum limited liability company Zaha Naoer branch, 2 X 9 MW
  • Ansaldo,
    800 MW Power project
  • Houzhou Power Plant,
    2 X600 MW Power Plant
  • Yulin Refinery,
    Tube Bundles for Air Cooled Condenser Plant
  • Xinjiang,
    2 X 150 MW Air Cooled Condenser
  • Sichuan Petrochemical
  • Carpe Heat Transfer Pvt. Ltd, India
  • One-Eco, South Korea

& Many more …

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

75 Rongfa Road, Jinshan Shanghai, P.R.C.
Head office :

Mr. Edward Yen
Mobile : +86-13910481602
E-mail :
Skype : edward.yen1130
wechat &line : edward644705
what’s app : +886-933644705

India office :

Mr. Kailash Mishra
Mobile/what’s app : +91-7738127698

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